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Welcome to Little Rainbow Nursery


At Little Rainbow Nursery

Nursery Ethos

All children have the right to the highest quality care and education whatever their gender, ethnicity, religion or ability. Little Rainbow Nursery recognises the right of each child including those with inclusive needs. Our primary goal is to maintain a calm and caring environment that supports the development of good social skills, grace and courtesy-which in turn gives rise to an atmosphere that, is conducive to learning.

Our Success is achieving this aim is to recognise the need to:

●  Present a well-planned and carefully prepared environment in which children are able to move freely with elegance.

●  Provide an environment in which children feel safe, and secure in the knowledge that caring and attentive adults are there to support them every step of the way;

●  Lead by example and present positive role models able to encourage children to be sensitive, considerate and understanding of the needs of others;

The Outdoors (Discover Garden)

We realise the importance of providing children the opportunity to be in the fresh air, and to encourage the children's physical development.

Opportunities for children to be active and interactive and to improve their skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement is provided at least twice a day (weather permitting) by taking the children out to Discover's garden.

Children develop an understanding of the importance of physical activity. Little Rainbow Nursery has full use of the Discover garden and the inside space to use with no extra cost to parents/carers.

Partnership with Parents

We welcome all support and assistance from parents. A comprehensive programme of feedback and discussion is in place. This includes parent's evenings for parent practitioner consultations. The nursery staff are always available, should you have any particular concerns about your child outside these times. Regular newsletters are issued to keep parents/carers informed of any changes and nursery news.

Establishing a good relationship with parents/carers is essential, this enables us to exchange important information ad provides a happy, caring and stable environment.

Settling In

Making your child feel at home is one of our priorities. Your child's settling in period is of the utmost importance.

We provide a gentle introduction to the nursery school life by initially asking parent/carers to bring in their children familiarize themselves with our staff, other children and surroundings before commencing the actual sessions.


At Little Rainbow Nursery it is compulsory for children over the age of 2 years to wear our official Outdoors (Discover Garden) nursery uniform. Our uniform has been designed for comfort and practicality. The benefits it provides for parents and children are many.

Our uniform is fully washable and requires little or no ironing. The omission of fussy fastenings allow for child control and independence in dressing and undressing during "messy play" activities, physical activity and personal hygiene routines.

Our uniform can only be ordered from Little Rainbow Nursery with a minimum of 2 week's notice.

●  Red Sweatshirt(with Little Rainbow Nursery emblem)●  Navy Blue Polo Shirt (with Little Rainbow Nursery emblem)●  Navy Blue Shorts, Navy Blue Jogging Bottoms, Navy Blue Skirt or Navy Blue Pinafore Dress.

●  Navy Blue and White Stripe Summer Dress (optional)

●  Socks/Tights - White, Navy Blue or Black

Name Labels

Name Labels can be purchased from Little Rainbow Nursery.