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Welcome to Little Rainbow Nursery


Food & Nutrition

We provide a wide range of nutritional hot meals both at lunch and teatime, always includingfresh vegetables, desserts and fruit. All meals are freshly prepare daily.

Meals served at Little Rainbow Nursery include breakfast, lunch and tea. Mid-morning and mid afternoon snacks and milk are also provided.

As indicated below, our menus are carefully planned to provide a healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet. There is always a vegetarian alternative. Parent/Carer must provide the nursery with the full information regarding any allergiesor medical conditions so that we can meet the needs of each individual.

Mealtimes at Little Rainbow Nursery are relaxing and social occasions.Good table manners and etiquette are fostered from an early age and every opportunityis used to promote learning about healthy eating.

Below is a typical example of a day's menu (a full list of our current menus can be obtained during your visit):