Our Curriculum

All our practitioners are provided with a clearly defined set of objectives designed to guide their practice to meet the outcomes of the EYFS.

In our curriculum you will find a good mix of activities focusing on:

  • Physical Development e.g. moving, handling & Health & self-care 
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development in which children begin to understand how to care for themselves, treat others and conduct themselves. 
  • Communication, language & skills covering social communication, word building, 
  • Literacy – reading, writing and vocabulary  
  • Mathematical Development covering practical and intellectual elements. 
  • Understanding the world e.g. care of the environment, materials, and tools. 
  • Expressive Arts & Design which includes the use of media and material, developing imaginative skills. 

Our staff will record your child’s progress to assist in planning the next steps in respect of your child’s development in any given area considering your child’s interest and their voice. We also formulate several report’s which are then given at parent’s events